Changing the Balance was created through the generous support of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Changing the Balance Advisors

Rebecca Bell
Division of Instruction
Environmental Education Specialist
Maryland State Department of Education

Frank Niepold
Education & Outreach Specialist
Climate Program Office
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

For Maryland Public Television

Senior Project Manager
Tracy Lau, Managing Director, Educational Productions

Video Production
William Beustring, Producer

Content Development and Writing
Ann Chatterton Klimas

Content Advisor
Elissa Hozore

Professional Development
Debbie Vickers, Director, K-12 Services

Education Marketing
Betsy Peisach, Managing Director

Director, Educational Business Affairs
Barbara Mochinal

Grants Manager
Kathryn Miller

Senior Vice President and Chief Education Officer
Gail Porter Long

For FableVision

Paul Capobianco

Technical Director,
Brian Grossman

Art Director,
Samantha Oliver

Information Architect,
Michael Rubin

Abby Getman

Bob Flynn

Production Artist & Animator,
Hannah O'Neal

A P Ventures

Executive Producer,
Karen Bresnahan

 Image Credits

Changing Climate, Changing Habitat

Giraffe, Lake Manyara national park, Tanzania
Fanny Schertzer

Lake Manyara panoramic
Fanny Schertzer

Lake Duluti near Tengeru, Arusha District, Tanzania
Fanny Schertzer

Forward Deployable Preventive Medicine Unit
US Navy File

Arizona Pond
Rafi B.

Golden Valley Arizona

Mystery Valley, Arizona
Bernard Gagnon

West Nile Virus

Utah Highway 261
Sascha Brück

Anopheles Mosquito Photos
CDC/James Gathany

Culex Mosquito Photos
CDC/James Gathany

Malaria Clinic
Jeffrey Gluck

Patients at Apac Hospital
Toshihiro Horii

Icy Beach
NOAA/Harley D. Nygren

Euphydryas editha
Walter Siegmund

USFWS/John Cleckler

Checkerspot butterfly

Polar Bear Video
US Fish and Wildlife Service and National Wildlife Federation

Computer animations

A Blood Feast

Female Anopheles gambiae mosquito feeding on a human host
CDC/Jim Gathany

Anopheles gambiae mosquito 6271
CDC/ Donated by The World Health Organization(WHO), Geneva, Switzerland

Anopheles gamiae mosquito 3989

Aedes aegypti mosquito abdomen
CDC/Jim Gathany

History of a Lethal Disease

Angolan Child w/Malaria
USAID/Angola, A. Otiato

Thai patient
Shoklo Malaria Research Unit, Mae Sot

African child w/edema
CDC/Dr. Myron Schultz

Egyptian Mymmy
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Banladesh Voluneer vaccination
CDC/ World Health Organization; Stanley O. Foster M.D., M.P.H.

Giemsa stained micrograph
CDC/ Steven Glenn, Laboratory & Consultation Division

Public Health Doctor, South Carolina 1939
Farm Security Administartion, Marion Post Wolcott

George Washington
Library of Congress, Gilbert Stuart

Don't Be a Dummy poster
US Government Printing Office

Field Workers, Connecticut 1955

G. Robert Coatney, Ph.D.

Eradicate Malaria poster
National Malaraia Eradication Programme, India

Life stages of Plasmoidum falciparum
National institute of Allergy and Diseases, Gertrude H. Nicholson (Illustrator)

Malaria Warning poster
Great Britain Dept. of Health and Social Security

sign for campaign to control malaria, 1945
National Library of Medicine

Hollowed-out tree, 1981

Rain Drops
John Sullivan

SEM image of female tick
CDC, Callie Carr

St. Roch's Cemetary, New Orleans

Carbon Cycle

Bennett Park NYC

Exotic plant

Drukteop station
Wikimedia Commons/lijjccoo

Farmer and Tractor Tilling Soil
USDA/Keith Weller

Soap bubbles
Steve Ford Elliott

Wild Marigold Calendula Arvensis 92690
Robert & Mihaela Vicol

Willow Tree
Ed Yourdon

Soap bubbles
Steve Ford Elliott

Sunflowers in Fargo, North Dakota
USDA/Bruce Fritz

Leaf on stone

Black Coal Lignite 15174
Robert & Mihaela Vicol

Power of the ocean

Palanga Beach

Beijing traffic jam

Power plant smoke stack

Lambert Azimuthal equal area