What kind of computer access do you have?

  • Can I access portable and/or dedicated computer labs?

  • If you are going to use computers in your classroom, where will I locate them?

  • How can I make sure that everyone has an equal chance to interact with the site? (What's the ratio of students to computers?)

What do you want your students to know when they finish working with the site?

  • What does my curriculum say my students need to know about climate change?

  • What do they already know about climate change?

  • How can I build on that knowledge to help them expand their understandings?

  • How will I know they have succeeded?

How will I introduce my students to the site?

  • How can I immediately engage students? Is there something that is happening currently (economically, socially, politically, astronomically) that I can use as an introduction to this site?

  • Would my students benefit from a tour of the site before they begin working?

What are some standards of behavior you expect from your students as they work with this site?

  • What noise level is acceptable?

  • How can I tell that my students are spending time on task?