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So much for local transportation. Of course, there are buses and trains here in Kenya. But I wanted to try something Kenyans use all the time ... matatus. They're like buses, but they're private. They follow no particular schedule or places for picking up and dropping off people. Not to be confused with matata ... which is Swahili for "mess" ... although the two must be related somehow. At least that's what I thought after this trip.

Imagine this. I was one of 30 people crammed into and onto the matatu. It was about as big as a pick-≠up truck with a cab on the back. The sun poured in the windows, turning us all into a pile of sweat. It was miserable.


My name's Lindy and I'm glad you stopped by. I'm a junior in college, visiting Kenya this mini-mester to try to get a handle on a question I've had for some time. Everyone always talks about climate change and what's happening to our planet. But what I want to see is some solid scientific proof. And I think I've found it. More


Check out these web sites to find out more about malaria, climate change, and the connection between the two.

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