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Had tea today -- where else? -- Tea Hotel. Not the fanciest place in the universe, to be sure, but serviceable. And you could see that the place had once been really, really grand. And the tea was very tasty.

The weather has been unusual, my hosts say. It used to be that you could count on an afternoon rain every day in this part of Kenya. Not recently. This whole week has been dry. The miles of tea bushes look very tired.

I sent Dr. Pascual an email. I sure hope she gets a chance to write back.


Kericho, Kenya

Before I fell asleep, I pulled the netting closed, making sure there was no way those mosquitoes could get to me.

But I couldn't sleep. The images from today's visit to the malaria clinic burned in my brain. Kids not even ten drenched with sweat and shivering, and then, a few hours later, burning up with fever. Begging anyone with their eyes to take it all away.

I've heard way too much about these plasmodia. They are nasty, nasty creatures.

I wonder if I'll ever sleep.


My name's Lindy and I'm glad you stopped by. I'm a junior in college, visiting Kenya this mini-mester to try to get a handle on a question I've had for some time. Everyone always talks about climate change and what's happening to our planet. But what I want to see is some solid scientific proof. And I think I've found it. More


Check out these web sites to find out more about malaria, climate change, and the connection between the two.

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