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You've probably heard this phrase before: Hakuna matata. It's Swahili (one of Kenya's official languages) for "no worries."

"No worries" is just the opposite of how I feel tonight. I haven't been able to get online in three days. I'm running out of money. And I'm not sure I've found all the information I need to really understand Dr. Pascual's research.


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I visited with a family who lives nearby this afternoon. I could hear the baby crying as I came up the path to their house. Her mom apologized for the noise. "Amondi is usually quiet, but she has malaria. It's made her very uncomfortable." Uncomfortable? My stomach turned. I asked about medicine. "Too expensive for us," the mother said. "She will be fine."


My name's Lindy and I'm glad you stopped by. I'm a junior in college, visiting Kenya this mini-mester to try to get a handle on a question I've had for some time. Everyone always talks about climate change and what's happening to our planet. But what I want to see is some solid scientific proof. And I think I've found it. More


Check out these web sites to find out more about malaria, climate change, and the connection between the two.

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