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I've been thinking about Dr. Pascual and her research all day. It's more than a mathematical curiosity that makes her want to solve the equation of mosquitoes, climate, and disease. She wants to help people predict where problems can occur when climate changes come fast and furiously, as experts are saying will happen from here on out. Lives are literally hanging in the balance.

But – I'm just thinking here – wouldn't it be something if we could just find a way to stop all the climate changes in the first place?


My name's Lindy and I'm glad you stopped by. I'm a junior in college, visiting Kenya this mini-mester to try to get a handle on a question I've had for some time. Everyone always talks about climate change and what's happening to our planet. But what I want to see is some solid scientific proof. And I think I've found it. More


Check out these web sites to find out more about malaria, climate change, and the connection between the two.

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