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Well, here I am in Kenya at last. Dr. Pascual made it possible for me to attend a special conference on climate change. It's a chance to see things on a global level. And there are people here from all over .... I've met kids from Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and France - and it's only the first day.

Dr. Pascual said I should use this time to soak it all in ... to get the context I need to see the entire picture of global climate change. She said I need to get a perspective on her work ... why it is important to her ... why it is important to the people in the mountainous regions of Kenya ... and why it is so important to everyone ... everywhere.

I'm incredibly lucky to be here. I just hope I can bring Dr. Pascual's story to a lot of people out there ... because so much depends on it.

It's not just a question about mosquitoes or people in Kenya or polar bears.

It's a question about all of us and what's going to happen if things keep going the way they are going now.


My name's Lindy and I'm glad you stopped by. I'm a junior in college, visiting Kenya this mini-mester to try to get a handle on a question I've had for some time. Everyone always talks about climate change and what's happening to our planet. But what I want to see is some solid scientific proof. And I think I've found it. More


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